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Holistic Beauty Asheville

Result Driven, Expert Skin Care

With so much information out there about beauty, it’s hard to know where to begin.


Beauty advertising preys on your insecurities at best, and invents insecurities for you at worst,  exalting the idea of eternal youth and teaching us that beauty is pain.

You end up buying products based on what smells good, looks good or feels good, but that don't really get you the results you want.

Without professional advice, it's impossible to know who and what to trust

At Holistic Beauty Asheville, we have one goal:  giving you healthy, glowing, beautiful skin, naturally.

"Mary is a MIRACLE WORKER!" - Beth Bluth
"I've had many facials in my life, Mary is hands-down the best." - LiYana Silver
"My skin is glowing! Mary is gentle, attentive, kind, and sends me to a place of relaxation no esthetician has before." - Miranda Wildman


We use time tested techniques, cutting edge education and quality, professional products to get you incredible results.




Our signature experience begins with an in-depth consultation about your skin care goals.  Taking a close look at lifestyle factors, health history and home care products will help us glimpse beneath the surface of your skin's health and hear it's messages loud and clear. 


Your treatment begins with a  relaxing herbal cleanse followed by a thorough skin analysis. Mary will choose a professional exfoliant to  smooth, prep and your hydrate your skin anew.  If needed, light extractions will be performed to purify the skin and reduce congestion.

The pinnacle of the treatment is the deeply relaxing Chinese Accupressure and Gua Sha massage of the face, neck and shoulders.  Using ancient and powerful massage techniques, trapped tension will melt out of the tissues, opening the channel for detoxification and nourishing the skin all the way down to the muscle. This massage creates a vibrant, healthy healthy glow, a  reduction in puffiness, and a powerful  lifting effect. 

During a nutritive mask customized to your skin's precise needs, you'll receive a relaxing reflexology foot massage to further detoxify the body, and we'll finish with a protective toner and moisturizer. 


After the treatment you'll receive a customized prescription for how to create and maintain amazing results with your daily home care ritual. 


For blackhead and acne prone skin, this treatment focuses on reducing congestion, deep cleansing, and soothing inflammation, leaving the skin feeling clear, clean and calm.


For skin that feels a lack of tone, this treatment focuses on reducing the signs of premature aging, through renewal brightening and toning.  Skin is left feeling alive, awake and lifted.


For skin that feels inflamed and irritated, this treatment soothes and softens the skin, reducing redness and cooling inflammation.  Skin is left feeling calm and protected.

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Hi, I'm Mary...

I'm the founder of Holistic Beauty Asheville.  I have over 20 years of experience in the professional skin care industry, and I am devoted to seeing your natural radiance shine through your skin.

I work with your skin's natural intelligence to create a beautiful, glowing, healthy complexion.  Stress leaves the skin feeling dull, lifeless and tired.  Tension blocks the flow of lymph and blood to the skin's surface, cutting off it's life supply. Products can help, but not when the source of your skin's radiance is being blocked.  

In my treatments we will deeply relaxing your body and senses (crucial for a healthy glow), feed your skin with nutritious products, and use time-tested techniques nourish your skin from the inside out. 

In addition to giving you an outstanding skin treatment, I am also deeply passionate about education. Most of the education we receive about skin care comes from media and advertising.  I am committed to helping you understand your skin the way a professional does, giving you practical tools and sound advice to make your home care ritual effective and joyful.

I look forward to helping you walk through life with your most radiant face forward!

Training & Accreditation

Completed over 1,000 hours of post-graduate education, specializing in treating acne, rosacea and premature aging  • Former Regional Education Director for The International Dermal Insitute • Named one of "Beauty's Rising Stars" by W Magazine • Licensed esthetician since 1999 • Yoga & Meditation Instructor


 "Mary released places in my head and neck that I didn't even know were tight. I can't recommend her highly enough."



"I've had many facials in my life,  Mary is hands down the best."